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Ray Bradbury Challenge #15- The Trouble With Teens and Halloween

A challenge within a challenge this week: a 100 word short story. The idea was simple and the conflict universal. I do have to admit that some of this is rather vicarious for me as I have three boys and no girls ( a fact for which Goldilocks continually blames yours truly) but I have heard the stories from my friends who are so cursed blessed. The Holiday season is here and NaNaWriMo is fast approaching. More on this amazing event on Friday. Thanks for stopping by, comments always welcome. Happy Halloween.


“It’s not fair! Mrs. Horner said yes.”

“Well, your mom said no. Pick something else.”

She sighed as her daughter stomped to her room, slamming the door. It had been easy when she was little. Baby vampire, mini zombie … even a giant bat one year. But now at thirteen, every year was a bigger battle than the last.

“What’s got her all worked up?” Her husband said.

“She wants to go to the Horner’s dressed as … an Angel!”

Flames shot from her husband’s eyes. “No demon of mine is going to parade around in such a sacrilegious costume!”

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