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Ray Bradbury Challenge #42- Kat’s Story Part 3

Kat’s Story Part 3


Kat “The Gat” McIntyre

She didn’t have to wait long. Denny rushed out of the theater, his dark features knotted up in a murderous scowl. His voice echoed from the restroom into the lobby.

“I’m gonna kill that fucking Irish bitch!”

Kat slipped from behind the video game and made a beeline for the men’s room. Two of the other boys came out of the theater as she reached the door.

“Denny! She’s out here,” one of them called.

Kat swung the bat as Denny strode out the door. He deflected the blow with his arm and pulled his knife from his back pocket.

“I’mna stuff that bat so far up yer twat it’ll knock yer teeth out,” he said.

“Pretty tough talk seein’ as yer mates have all turned tail on ya.”

Denny swiped with the blade and Kat blocked it with the bat. She caught him in the shin with the toe of her boot. He howled with pain and rage, lunging at her, arm extended. She brought the bat down and connected with his wrist, sending the knife clattering to the floor. Before he could recover she swung again, this time hitting him in the ribs. The thud of the bat against bone was punctuated by Denny’s screaming. He flailed with a wild swing, his fist catching her in the jaw. Kat stumbled backwards and Denny hit her with a shot that bloodied her nose.

“Fuck ye wanker,” Kat hissed as she wiped the blood from her face. She faked with the bat and launched a vicious kick that connected with his crotch. Denny dropped to his knees and vomited onto the carpet. Without hesitation, Kat swung full force, the bat slamming into the side of his skull with an ear splitting crack. Denny Martin went into a coma from blunt force trauma to the skull and never recovered.


The magistrate regarded her with a steely gaze that made her squirm.

“Ms. McIntyre, you have been charged with five counts of aggravated assault and two counts of attempted murder. The only two things in your favor at the moment are your age and the witnesses who corroborated the attack you suffered at the hands of these five young men.”

The court appointed barrister put his hand on her arm as a reminder that she keep her mouth shut.

“Therefore, I am remanding you to Her Majesty’s Army for a period of not less than four years. Realize that you are still a ward of this court and on probation for the next eighteen months. If your behavior is anything less than exemplary, I will see you in prison. Do you understand the terms of your sentence?”

The barrister nodded and Kat stood. “Yes, your honor.”


Kat trudged down the hall with the line of new recruits. Twenty three men and seven women made up the squad to which she had been assigned. The uniform itched and reeked of chemical cleaner. The squad filed into an open room with mats on the floor. The biggest man Kat had ever seen stood at the front of the room at parade rest.

“Nubes, listen up,” the man barked. “My name is Master Sargent Tomlinson. It is my job to teach you how to not die in combat. You will pair up with a partner. You will listen to me and follow my instructions.”

The squad leader marched down the line and matched each member with the person next to them. Kat’s partner was a young man with clipped blond hair, broad shoulders and a ruddy complexion. His name tag read “Donner” and he smirked as he sized her up.

“Your body is a weapon that you carry at all times,” said the Master Sargent. “Your ability to correctly use it as such will determine your chances of survival on the battlefield.”

Two men who had been in the back of the room came forward and demonstrated a basic throw as the Master Sargent explained the maneuver.

“This line, you will attack your partner as if you had a knife. This side will defend. Go!”

Kat rushed toward Donner. He dropped his shoulder and Kat flew over him and landed on her back, the breath knocked out of her. The Sargent called for them to trade places.

Donner came at her and she dropped her shoulder. He brought his knee up and caught her in the ribs, knocking her to the ground.

“Sorry, Princess,” Donner said under his breath. “Maybe you should be in the mess hall so you don’t get hurt.”

“McIntyre, get up and do the move again,” the Sargent said.

Kat squared off against Donner and he rushed at her. She dropped her shoulder and when he raised his knee she sidestepped and caught him in the groin with her elbow. He dropped toward her and she sent him to the mat on his back. He writhed in pain holding his hands between his legs. Kat knelt down and said “I’m not yer princess and don’t ya forget it, boy-o.” She started to walk away and turned back to the fallen man. “Yeah, you might want to try the mess hall so you don’t get hurt.”



Discharge Record

Name: Katherine Anne McIntyre

Service Number: A56-45Y9867

Disposition: Dishonorable Discharge

Charges: Conduct unbecoming Sect. 653.34

Drunk and disorderly Sect. 656.82

Assaulting an officer Sect. 492.13


Katherine Anne McIntyre is hereby stripped of all rank, honors and entitlements bestowed upon a member of Her Majesty’s Army. A sentence of ninety days incarceration to be served prior to discharge.






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