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Ray Bradbury Challenge #47- Bar Fight

Sneak peek at my current WIP “Darya Salko”, Book One of the Dark Angeles Series. Darya is the daughter of two Nepilim (half angel, half human) and an Assistant District Attorney for the City of Los Angeles. She has a special knack for fighting demons and is very resourceful, as you will see.

Katana and briefcase


Bar Fight


Her gaze was drawn to the corner of the room near the front door. A man she did not recognize slouched against the wall, his hands jammed in the pockets of a long black coat. His eyes darted back and forth as if he were looking for someone. After a moment his gaze locked on a point on the other side of the room. Darya couldn’t tell what he was looking at but he pushed himself away from the wall and made a beeline in that direction. He seemed to be unaware of the other people in the room and bumped into several of them without even turning to apologize.

The only retaliation was dirty looks from the offended customers until he jarred a large man hunched over a pool table. The man was lining up a shot and the tip of the cue stick struck the side of the ball and  sent it spiraling off at an angle into the side pocket. He stood up and glared at the stranger gripping the pool stick in both hands.

“Hey asshole, you want to watch where you’re going?” the big man growled.

The stranger didn’t even acknowledge the man and kept walking. The cue stick made a loud crack as the man slammed it down on the table and stomped after the stranger.

“Listen, you little fucking asswipe, I’m talking to you!”

The big man reached out and grabbed the  stranger’s shoulder. The stranger whipped around and thrust his palm in the center of the big man’s chest and sent him flying onto the pool table.

As the stranger turned, his red eyes glowed beneath his bushy brows.

“Holy shit!” Darya swore under her breath. She turned back to Geoffrey and said, “I’ll be right back.”

By the time she sprinted across the room a melee had started centering around the stranger. Bodies flew as one tough guy after another took his best shot.

Darya dodged and weaved through the crowd. She glanced to her left and stopped short, then sauntered up to a tall man wearing a belt with a large buckle.

“Is that silver?” She asked him grabbing the buckle.

“Yes ma’am. Cost me seven hundred dollars. What, exactly do you have in mind, sweetheart?” He said as he slid his hand inside her jacket and moved up to her breast.  Darya clamped her elbow against his arm.

“Tell you what. Let me borrow this and when I bring it back we can talk about what I have in mind.”

She slipped  her fingers inside the waistband is jeans and flipped the buckle open with  her thumb. The belt made a popping sound as she pulled it free of the loops. He grabbed her wrist and forced her hand down inside his jeans. Without missing a beat she wrapped her fingers around his member and squeezed.

“Unless you want this removed as well, I suggest you let go.”

Darya’s eyes narrowed to slits and when she dug in with her nails, he let go of her arm.
With the crowd keeping the stranger’s attention, Darya hooked the belt around her waist, slipped up behind him and picked up a chair. She lifted it over her head and brought it crashing down on his head and shoulders. One of the legs split but the chair remained largely intact. He spun around, his jacket flying out behind  him and for a moment, Darya had the impression of large, black wings. Its breath washed over her and she  wrinkled her nose.

“I don’t know what corner of hell you crawled out of, but I think it’s time you went back,” she said.

The stranger’s human form dissolved  and in its place was a grotesque demon with wings and large, oval-shaped eyes.

It hissed, its lips curling back from a mouthful of  broken and pointed teeth.

“And who is going to make that happen? You, Nephilim?” the Demon said.

“First of all, yes I am. Second of all, asshole, I am not Nephilim. That would be my parents. And for the last thing, you are about to have a really bad day,” Darya’s said as she unwound the belt from her waist.

The demon rushed at her, claws extended. She side-stepped and knocked its feet out from under it with a low kick. It spread it’s wings and managed to avoid landing on the floor. As it was recovering Darya wrapped the end of the belt opposite the buckle around her hand and spun it like a weapon.

Darya’s swung  the belt and struck the demon in the back between its wings. Smoke erupted from the gash where the buckle connected with its mottled skin. And inhuman scream split the air and the demon whirled around to face her. The belt was already moving and the buckle caught  the demon flat in the side of the face, burning it.

With a gnarled hand it reached out, grabbed a hold of the leather and yanked Darya off her feet. She stumbled foreword and thrust her hand out, grabbed the demon by the wrist and use her momentum to flip it over her back. It landed with a crash on top of the table and Darya managed to jerk the belt free from its grasp. She jammed the buckle into its throat and the metal seared its flesh.  Black liquid and rancid smoke poured from the wound. The demon thrashed for a few moments and one of its claws caught her  across the forehead, opening a small gash. She ignored the blood as a trickled down the bridge of her nose.

Darya jumped on top of the demon, planting her knees on its chest. With both hands, she forced the buckle into its throat nearly decapitating it. Its blood sprayed out for a few moments.

The explosion filled the bar with blinding white light and threw Darya across three tables.
She picked herself up and recovered the belt from the floor. The buckle was untouched but the leather was a smoking, sticky black mess.