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Catching Up

July 17, 2017

Hey gang, I’m back and yes I’m alive. I’ve taken some time off for personal reasons but slowly getting back into the swing of writing. Actually, my current WIP has 44 chapters inked in rough draft. Working title: Combat Star, book one of the Meridia Stone Wars Saga. Plotting and scheming like GoT but with greedy corporate types and ambitious military leaders. High tech mechanized warriors from the Räschnelle Republic square off against  well armed Marines from the United Commonwealth Alliance,  battles sponsored and televised to entertain the working class. It’s all about controlling the production of Bystrum ore which supplies power to everything. Add in our hero, Tara Kincaid, a weapons sales rep that gets roped into joining the Marines and a young woman with some supernatural abilities (everyone wants to use her powers as a weapon) and you have some idea of what the story is about. No worries, I’ll post some teaser chapters in coming posts. What’s that? Oh yes, there’s a love triangle with Tara and two very different men. All suitable for junior high on up. A few f-bombs (I apologize for my character’s language but soldiers sometimes swear) but no sex or gory violence. Still fun, I promise. Not sure how many books or how long but I’ll let you know when the muse tells me.

For now, Darya Salko, my sword wielding daughter of Nephilim Assistant DA is on the shelf. I still have all the notes, outlines and manuscripts and I think hers is a story worth telling, just at a later time.

That’s all for today. Email is always welcome.

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