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Combat Star Chapter 1

Just wanted to introduce my MC and give you a feel for this story. Feedback as always is welcome. If anyone is interested in being a beta reader, let me know. Also, I will be revamping the website so if it looks different the next time you stop by, that’s why.


Sales Rep for Pulsar Industries

Tara Kincaid                      Sales Rep for Pulsar Industries   Main Character- Combat Star

“Stay tuned for an exclusive live broadcast. UCA Marine Red Bravo Company is putting their perfect record on the line against a group of Mech-Heads. Confirmed reports of attacks against the Hollister Township have given the UCAMs the green light to take out the latest affront by Evil Repper slime on UCA soil.” Commander Ben “Riptide” Rawlings jerked his thumb toward the holoscreen. “That’s what I’m talking about right there, sweetheart. Perfect record. Don’t get any better than that.” Tara’s irritation had been hovering around Def Con Three for most of her meeting with the Commander. It shot straight to Def Con Five at the term of endearment. Only the potential of a sizable commission prevented her from ripping into the man with a verbal assault. “That’s my job, Commander, helping you maintain a perfect record,” Tara said, her voice dripping with as much sugar as she could muster despite the odor of male sweat and gun oil. “Pulsar’s new RG 73 will increase your squad’s effectiveness and reduce their fatigue.” She held up the weapon and pointed to the features as she named them, making sure to keep the gun below her cleavage. “Our new Xena grade energy cells are made with premium Bystrum ore and have 30% more power with a 25% reduction in mass. This means you can fire more projectiles and still reduce your overall equipment weight.” Tara depressed a small button on the side of the rifle releasing the magazine. “We’ve also increased the rate of fire by almost 100%. A three round burst will hit as a single unit. All the impact of a javelin style weapon without the weight or energy consumption.” Rawlings eyed the rail gun, the skepticism unmasked on his face. “100%? That means after the second mag the barrel will be a molten mess. Everybody knows you can’t force that many 30 mic rounds through a light-weight handheld. Sounds like your engineers didn’t do their homework.” With his comment, the Commander turned away from Tara, clasped his hands behind his back and stared at the continuing report on the holoscreen. “I can see you really know your ballistics,” Tara replied. “And what you say would be true if this was firing a 30, but it isn’t. We increased the rate of fire by dropping the caliber down to 20 mics. No heat buildup, and less kickback.” A mean, guttural laugh erupted from the Commander. “Are you fucking kidding me? You want me to send my men out against a Mech squad with self-healing armor carrying a little 20 mic popgun? I don’t know how you got past my assistant but this has been a complete waste of time. I suggest you make your exit Miss Kincaid and be quick about it.” A small smile pulled at the corners of Tara’s mouth. “So you think you can’t get enough penetration with a smaller projectile, is that your problem, Commander Rawlings?” The commander spun around and glared at Tara. “I’ll tell you what, we deploy at 1530 hrs. Why don’t you meet me in my quarters in about an hour and I can give you a demonstration of penetration.” Rawlings crossed his massive arms over his chest, his green eyes emphasizing his challenge. Several of the men in the ready room began to snicker. Tara fought back the urge to lash out at the group. “As thrilling as that sounds, Commander, I have a better idea.” Tara placed the gun back in its case, sauntered up to Rawlings and placed one hand on his arm. She ran her index finger over the exposed skin of his chest and licked her lips. “I’ll give you a live demonstration under battle conditions. If the RG 73 isn’t everything I’m saying it is, I’ll be waiting in your bunk wearing nothing but a smile. If I’m right, you put an order through procurement for twenty units.” Rawlings took a nervous step backwards. “Right. I don’t have time to babysit some sales-honey when the bullets start flying. We have a job to do out there. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to break a nail.” The squad roared, their laughter shaking the walls. Tara waited until the noise subsided and pulled her terminal from its pouch and showed it to Rawlings. “Your concern is touching but I have over a thousand hours of combat simulation and field experience. Under the Madison Act that gives me the right to sign on to any unit I choose. My application has already been processed. I’ll see you at 1530 hrs. Sweetheart.” Tara patted the Commander’s chest, spun on her heel, snatched the case off the bench and marched out of the room with it tucked under her arm.  

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