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Edward Owen, author of “The GAME” and “The Chronicles of Alcamene” delivers horror by the half dozen, each with a lesson in cosmic justice.

The Quiet Car –When his car breaks down, Tom Roman is forced to take the train. Little does he know his rude behavior will come back to haunt him.Obedience- Dr. Hilde is on her way to Australia. Sam is on his way to anywhere but prison. You never know when someone’s dark past poses a threat to to your future.

Promises, Promises- Rebecca is a successful attorney in New York. A face to face date with her Internet boyfriend leads to a night of unimaginable terror.

Worthy of Trust and Confidence- Julia is assigned to protect the President of the United States on an international flight aboard Air Force One. How dangerous could it be?

Jimmy- Some occupations are worse than others. Jimmy finds out he should have read the job description all the way through.

Charlie and Josie- A writer interviews an inmate serving life for the murder of his young wife. The answers she finds may not be the ones she wants.

These stories tell tales of people whose actions lead to unforeseen and often dire consequences at the hands of Karma and Justice.


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Edward Teraneau finds himself in a room with eight of the top poker players in the world. As a three time WSOP winner and highest lifetime earnings of any player, the setting is not all that unusual. The fact that there are no doors or windows in the room and none of the players can remember how they got there pushes the situation far past the ‘unusual’ mark. As the players discuss the reasons behind their apparent imprisonment, a door opens and a man enters. He introduces himself as Darius, their host. He explains he has brought them together to play poker, including himself in the game. The players refuse, demanding to be released. However, when Darius reveals the stakes of the game, the players are forced to participate.

Edward must use his considerable skills not only against the best players in the world, but against the enigmatic Darius. In “THE GAME”, losing is not an option, but winning holds a horror all its own.


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For twelve generations, Le Couteau Noir has been under the rule of the House of Gunn….

With thirteen seasons, Sunni Gunn is the youngest Apprentice Adept in the history of Le Couteau Noir assassins. She has surpassed even her mother, Soniah, now the Gynrahl of the House of Gunn. For Sunni, life on Alcamene is one of regimented training and contracted killing. A chance meeting brings peaceful Wyatt into her life. He is a censeur, a telekinetic with a life very different from Sunni’s. As the two become friends, they discover a room of scrolls left by an ancient race. The Ony’tan inhabited Alcamene long before humans arrived. The scrolls allow them to visit the Ony’Tan and learn about ancient life on Alcamene.

Political treachery and accusations against Sunni and Wyatt for unsanctioned murders threaten to destroy the House of Gunn and Sunni’s family. Sunni is the rightful heir to the Gynrahl, but her enemies are determined to keep her from taking command. With the evidence of her parents’ murders and Sunni’s once trusted mentor against them, she and Wyatt are forced into hiding in the city of the Ony’Tan. Their new found friendship is put to the test as they are forced to battle traitors, cheats and thieves for survival.

Because she is too young to command Le Couteau Noir, Sunni must stay in hiding until she is old enough to take her rightful place as the Gyrahl. As the seasons pass, friendship turns to romance between her and Wyatt. When Sunni returns home to look up an old friend, her friend shares some incredible news with her. This sets the scene for the beginning of the second book, Gunn Down.

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